When you really stop to consider the amount of weight a 30 ton overhead crane is capable of lifting, it is fairly awe-inspiring. Before the introduction of these cranes, lifting that much weight seemed impossible. Today, however, cranes throughout the world regularly lift and move loads weighing 30 tons or more.

professional 30 ton bridge crane

professional 30 ton bridge crane

It is a little bit hard to imagine exactly how much weight that really is. To put things in perspective, it is sometimes helpful to see examples using everyday objects. For instance, the average brick weighs 4.5 pounds. That means that one of these cranes is capable of lifting more than 13,300 bricks in a single load.

Elephants weigh approximately 5 tons. That means that one of these cranes could theoretically lift six full-sized elephants off of the ground at a time. Of course, that wouldn’t actually happen in the real world. Hopefully, however, it gives you a sense of just how powerful these cranes really are.

Trying to lift that much weight without the assistance of a crane would be practically impossible. Even though there are forklifts and other tools out there that can do the job, none of them are nearly as efficient as an overhead crane. That is why cranes are so commonly used in industries that involve heavy lifting. Click here to get more info of industrial overhead crane: https://weihuagruas.com.mx/gruas-viajeras-industriales/

A great example of this can be seen in the shipping industry. Have you ever stood next to a shipping container? These large metal structures are 8 feet wide and measure anywhere from 20 to 40 feet long. They are used to transport goods by boat between different countries. Large cranes are used to lift and move these containers around, making quick work of a task that would be almost impossible to do without the assistance of a crane.

Of course, many cranes that are found in shipping yards have higher lifting capacities than 30-tons. However, even a 30 ton crane(grua de 30 toneladas) can provide a tremendous amount of lifting power.

Another thing that makes these cranes unique is that they are capable of stacking materials extremely high off of the ground. With a tool like a forklift, items need to be kept relatively close to the ground since the forklift(carretilla elevadora) doesn’t have a lot of overhead reach.

With one of these cranes, however, the situation is a lot different. The crane itself is mounted overhead. That means that it can stack items much higher while still being able to easily access them. This would be impossible to do with most other types of equipment.

30 ton overhead crane with grab

30 ton overhead crane with grab

30 ton overhead cranes really do make seemingly impossible tasks possible. Thanks to their tremendous lifting capacity, they can move extremely heavy loads. 30 tons comes out to 60,000 pounds, which is a huge amount of weight. Trying to move something that weighed that much without the assistance of a crane would be almost impossible to accomplish.

Cranes are truly a testament to human innovation. Their unique design allows them to carry loads that people could have only dreamed about moving in the past. They have revolutionized the way that many of today’s companies get their work done. When you want to have a overhead crane, Weihua products(productos de Weihua) will be your mejor option.